To reduce dependency on others to run my services without interruption, I decided to set up my own
IpToCountry masterserver. Ofcourse you are very welcome to use this service for your own purposes.
Rest assured that this service will be up and running till the end of days. The database I use to convert
player's IP addresses to countrynames is the most updated one of all currently available IpToCountry
masterservers. Internet providers come and go, and IP addresses are being bought and sold all the time
among these providers. It is pretty common for an IP address that was first known to be owned by an
African internet provider to be transferred to a German one. Just to give you a total random example.
Because I am running the most updated database available for my IpToCountry masterserver, the chance
of a player getting a wrong countryflag next to his name is close to none. I know this minor issue might
sounds trivial to most, but I'm quite sure there are other perfectionist server admins like me out there!

If you have no clue what IpToCountry is and what I am talking about, this page is probably not for you ;)

Server admins, apply the following settings to your IpToCountry.ini to use my IpToCountry masterserver: