As you might have guessed, I am (obviously) not making any money with I am paying
for the server/webhosting costs myself. Although it is not that big of a deal to me, I would however
highly appreciate it if anyone is willing help me out by chipping in with a few euro's or dollars, ofcourse!

By donating any amount of money to you are actively supporting the availability of the
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Confirmed donations so far:

Werner Schmidt - EUR. 30,00
Daniel Zimmerman - EUR. 10,00
Jeremy van der Steur - EUR. 40,00
Tygo Hermans - EUR. 10,00
John Jurgensen - EUR. 20,00
Thyago Amhali - EUR. 55,00
Brain van Kan - EUR. 30,00
Justin de Ruijter - EUR. 15,00
Mirko Björnssen - EUR. 8,00
Peter Senden - EUR. 30,00
Armand Schoonbrood - EUR. 25,00